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Infuse Wellness

Heather Pearce-Shew, CRNA, MSN

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Infuse Wellness was founded by nurse anesthesiologist,

Heather Pearce-Shew, in Emerald Isle, NC in March 2019.

Kristi Hocutt also has a passion for wellness & teamed up with Heather to  branch out into Wilson, NC.  

Our mission to improve the wellness of our clients in the pursuit of

finding a better you.


Heather is an anesthesia practitioner from eastern North Carolina with

2 & 1/2 decades in healthcare. Heather believes in patient-centered care

that focuses on respectful & individually-tailored treatments 

guided by each patient's needs, preferences, & values.


Heather was born & raised in Greenville, NC is a graduate of Greenville Christian Academy, & holds 2 degrees from East Carolina University. As a native of eastern North Carolina, Heather is proud to bring IV infusion therapy closer to home for eastern NC residents.


Kristi Hocutt's background is Sales and Marketing with a passion for Health and Wellness.

Kristi’s journey started when her husband Joey was diagnosed with MS in 2012.

She was determined to not let this diagnosis control his life. Kristi dove in headfirst researching who and what could help Joey’s body thrive without the toxic medication that Western Medicine presented as the 'standard approach'. They also found out that Joey had severe B12 and Vitamin D deficiency. In 2015 Joey it was discovered that he had a large tumor on his Pituitary Gland. They thought that was the key to his health. Joey had surgery in August 2015 to remove the benign tumor, which was successful. After many trials and miles of Kristi driving Joey from one end of NC to the other, they both found a great regimen to really help Joey and this has allowed his body to start healing.

IV Vitamin Therapy along with a few all-natural supplements has changed Joey’s quality of life.

Joey just had the best MRI results in August 2019 since his diagnosis! Kristi has been so passionate about certain therapies that she contributes to Joey’s health as well as her own quality of health and is excited to bring the treatments to their home town!

Kristi is the Practice Manager of the Wilson location and as hired the best staff to allow patients to have a great experience.

Our IV therapies strive to integrate conventional medicine with complementary approaches in order to find a way for each person to heal & thrive.

Wellness is a dynamic state that fluctuates for each of us on a daily basis, 

& moving higher on the wellness ladder helps you live your life to it's fullest potential.

Whether your wellness is impacted temporarily or chronically, we are committed to helping you find a better you.  Our staff will always put the client at the heart of everything we do.

Watch this short video to learn more about

the history of anesthesia & Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)!

Infuse Wellness

is a proud member of the

American Society of

Ketamine Physicians

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